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The images on this web-site are all from the early planning stages of a forthcoming manga/anime project. You are seeing a sneak preview of something which will take several more years to complete.

The images are produced from a large database of characters, objects, textures and scenarios - and these in turn are taken from a detailed storyboard and associated notes which describe the whole of the concept. The current plan is to take the storyboard and produce a manga from it first, with an animated version to follow.

All of the items in the images are held as 3D models, either polygon-based or spline-based, and often with associated bones and actions. They are then assembled into scenes, lit and rendered - which can take quite a lot of time, even on a fast Macintosh computer...

Although a number of tools are used to produce the component parts of the images (textures, faces, etc), the main piece of software used for the majority of the 3D rendering is Martin Hash's Animation Master.


Betsubetsu is a science fiction story which includes elements of romance, adventure and mystery. It is intended to be a multimedia experience, using a combination of manga (comic), novel, anime (animation) and interactive media. The style and content is heavily influenced by Japanese manga and anime.

The first part of chapter one of the story is presented on this web-site via the 'book' button.

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